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While the NCHP-A provides comprehensive notes for all courses, it must be stressed that a great foundation education in hypnotherapy or hypno-psychotherapy entails reading well beyond the supplied course notes. The notes for our various courses make recommendations for reading.  Following are some additional recommendations.

Building a Successful and Ethical Therapy Practice - Brookhouse and Biddle

Between them, Shaun and Fiona have over 35 yrs of experience in the field and this book shares ALL their secrets for developing a practice.

19.95 UK Pounds

Motivational Hynotism - Biddle and Brookhouse

This book combines motivational theories with the application of hypnosis to provide a model of working for clients who know what they want but find it hard to get really motivated.

13.95 UK Pounds

Hypnotic Coaching -  Brookhouse and Biddle

This book explains how to combine hypnosis and coaching techniques. It is a useful text for those who's tendency is forward-thinking therapy!

14.95 UK Pounds

Therapeutic Inspirations Vol. 1 - Biddle and Brookhouse with Sue Martin

This book is a complication of the practice building tips, motivational ideas and therapy hints from the ezine that Shaun and Fiona have been publishing for several years.

6.95 UK Pounds

mprints for Success - Alan Patching and Dr. Gerry Flynn

A broad coverage of Emotional Intelligence, plus an understanding of how the brain works in establishing imprints. This book also describes a simple seven step hypnotic process for imprint removal.

$35 AUD