Your NCHP-A training earns you university credit points ( Dip and Adv Dip at Masters level) in the British Open University system.

Higher Degrees from British Universities

Successful completion of courses with NCHP-A earns credit points in the British open University system.

The Stage 1 Foundation Course earns 30 points at level 2, the Stage Two Certificate Course earns 45 points at level 2, and the Stage 3 Diploma Course earns 45 points at Masters level.

Most British universities have systems whereby students who do not have a first degree are offered access to Masters degree courses on the basis of recognised, non-degree qualifications and professional experience.

NCHP training is recognised by the UK Council for Psychotherapy as a post-graduate level of training and, as such, provides our graduates with a good basis on which to approach universities, with a view to studying at Masters level, or above.

The NCHP and NRHP are happy to assist such individual initiatives by providing graduates with academic and professional references. Above all, our external accreditation is via process and personnel similar to that applied to the universities themselves.

Students and graduates of the NCHP-A may be interested in pursuing further study with the Open University (UK). Even if applicants have no intention of undertaking an OU course in the immediate future, credits will be useful if circumstances change.

Also, to be credit-rated by so prestigious an institution adds to the credibility of our, hence your, training.