Wisdom from those who have preceded you on NCHP cours


The NCHP is frequently asked for copies of past dissertations submitted as part requirement of the Diploma award.

Such requests may be prompted because a, current National College student wants some idea of what constitutes a good dissertation in the eyes of the external marker.  Alternatively, people may be interested in the content of dissertation for its own sake.

Certain dissertations, awarded a credit or distinction by the external marker, are now available from our alliance partner the NCHP-UK by email as PDF files at a nominal cost, and these can be ordered direct from the NCHP-UK (www.hypnotherapyuk.net).

These payments present the views and research findings of the author as at the date of submission; they do not take account of the comments of the external marker at the time, or subsequent research.

It is hoped the availability of these dissertations will be useful to the student body and others alike.

We take this opportunity to thank each and every individual dissertation writer for his/her co-operation in making this project possible.