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News and Media Comments from NCHP-UK

First Annual International Hypno-Psychotherapy Conference

'On the 20th and 21st of June 2009 over 100 Hypnotherapists and Hypno-Psychotherapists met at the First Annual International Hypno-Psychotherapy Conference. Delegates came from several countries to hear some excellent presentations which were not only informative but motivational as well.

This event was such a success that the dates have been set for next year's event, 11th-13th of June 2010 in the Midlands (Leicester).'

NOTE: Alan Patching, Principal of NCHP-A, is an invited presenter for the Midlands event in 2010. He will present a session on 'NLP a la Bandler' and will also co-present a Masterclass with NCHP-UK Principal, Shaun Brookhouse.

UKCP 5 Yearly Review

To retain membership/accreditation with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, every Member Organisation submits to a 5 yearly review. The NCHP-UK underwent its review in May 08. We are delighted to report that we have passed this review. The following is taken from that report.

'Decision: pass: On the basis that NCHP was seen to be meeting UKCP's core Standards for Education and Training, as well as those in place for the Hypno-Psychotherapy section.  At the point of this assessment, the assessors consider that NCHP has passed the Quinquenial Review assessment. In arriving at this decision the assessors have also considered the relevant standards for the EAP EWAO for the modality. This is conditional on their completion of the required actions within the specified time scales and clear evidencing of having given appropriate attention to recommendations.'

The NCHP-UK is a founding member of UKCP and its precursors and we take our responsibility to the psychotherapeutic community very seriously and believe that this review process is one of the best ways to ensure quality across the hypno-psychotherapeutic modality.

We are more than happy with the required actions and that they will be implemented in the within the timescale presented. In fact, several have already been put into place since the inspection.

Some well received comments from various publications

'A good way to find a reputable practitioner is to contact the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, 12 Cross Street, Nelson...'

The Times, 16th November 1989

Dr John Bird, in his book 'A New Career After Forty', refers to the National College as a 'well-run professional organisation... doing much to improve the status and image of hypnotherapists'

'A New Career After Forty' by Dr John Bird, 1993, published by Northcote House.

'The safest bet is to choose a reputable organisation for the particular therapy... (referring to the National College in the A-Z Guide)... and ask them for a list of recommended therapists'

Good Health Special, Daily Mail, 29th November 1994

In an article on training in hypnotherapy, Alison Coleman wrote: 'There are lots of training courses around and those who want to practice hypnotherapy should choose carefully.'

'We wouldn't encourage someone who we felt couldn't cope with the academic work involved' says Peter Savage, from the NCHP, which runs a diploma course in hypnotherapy.  'It is a rigorous course and takes commitment'.  The course is based on weekend attendance at one of the college's training venues and typically takes 18 months to two years to complete. It is accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education.'

Daily Express, Tuesday, January 28th 2003

BBC's Health and Parenting website carries a section on Hypnotherapy. It lists five relevant organisations  'two of them being the NRHP and NCHP.

In an article 'Matters of the Mind' career opportunities in the field of hypnotherapy are discussed. The National College of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy's details are given.

Daily Express, December 9th 2003

Dr Josie Harder, one of NCHP's graduates, appeared in an article on careers entitled 'On the Job- Hypnotherapist'. Dr Harder advised that courses should be researched carefully, and recommended NCHP training.

Marie Claire, January 2004

Stress management endorsement

Sir Bill Connor, the former General Secretary of USDAW, wrote 'STRESS MANAGEMENT TRAINING - ENDORSEMENT FROM USDAW  'Following a recommendation from an internal working party USDAW decided to introduce stress management training for all of its full-time officials and was anxious to find a reputable provider.   We decided, after some research to engage the services of the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy based in Nelson.  We were impressed by their training and supervision arrangements and their adherence to a 'Statement of Ethical Principles'. We were further reassured because another organisation of professionals, namely the Royal College of Nursing, had engaged the College to provide Stress Management Training for their own staff.   The training provided by the college was first class, the chosen tutors were empathetic to the specific requirements of our trade union and the feedback from officials who attended the courses was extremely positive. We would have no hesitation, whatsoever, in recommending the college to any organisation seeking help with Stress Management and looking for a provider with integrity and dedicated professionalism'.

Sir Bill Connor General Secretary of USDAW from June 1997 to May 2004.

USDAW is the fifth largest union in the TUC with over 338,000 members and employing approx. 400 staff and was founded in 1947.