To give you an idea of our training environment...

Our Premises

The College is located at 222 Ferry Road, Southport on Queensland's beautiful Gold Coast.  It is at the corner of Ferry Road and Durham Street.

We have two training rooms, one set up in Board room format for 12-15 people, and the other is a multi purpose room for sessions, practice, or video recording and it holds a similar number of people.

A feature of our location is the park by the river just 150 metres from our front door. this is a great place to relacx and enjoy lunch under the gum trees, or to practice techniques in peace and quiet between lecture sessions.

Why not take a look at the pictures below in order to get a good idea of our training environment.....



                               College premises at 222 Ferry Road, Southport

                               Our comfortable board room style training room 


A serene practice and relaxation place, and Surfers Paradise, a favourite holiday destination, is just a kilometre and a half away.