Supplementary training packages for elective study and professional development.

Supplementary Training

NCHP-A students, and for that matter the broader therapeutic community in Australasia, will no doubt be constantly on the lookout for interesting and cutting edge avenues to both remain at the cutting edge of professionalism in their practices and meet the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements of the various professional institutions of which they enjoy membership.

The following training packages are presented to meet the needs of these groups.


  • 20 hours CPD
  • 95.00 pounds sterling [concessions: NCHP-UK and NCHP-A students/graduates - 80.00 pounds sterling]
  • An on-line course, complementing the ethics that typifies NCHP training and philosophy throughout
  • Human Development and Sexuality
    • 40 hours CPD
    • 170.00 pounds sterling [concessions: NCHP-UK and NCHP-A students/graduates - 125.00pounds sterling]
    • A very substantial on-line course, which, along with NCHP-A regular course content, represents a thorough coverage

    Psychotherapy (the scientific study of mental disorders)

    • 20 hours CPD
    • 95.00 pounds sterling [concessions NCHP-UK and NCHP-A students/graduates - 80.00 pounds sterling]
    • This on-line course helps therapists develop a good knowledge of psychotherapy in order to (e.g.) liaise with medical and psychiatric colleagues; be in a position to assess whether the client's problem is within their limit of competence; and create an effective treatment plan, avoiding contra-indicated approaches.

    Research for Therapists in Practice - research methods and ethical issues in the social sciences 

    • 20 hours CPD
    • 95.00 pounds sterling [concessions: NCHP-UK and NCHP-A students/graduates - 80.00 pounds sterling]
    • This is an on-line course introducing the relevance of applied psychological research for practicing therapists, focusing on the skills and abilities of the social science researcher, as well as outlining the ethical considerations of applied research. It is very useful for Stage Three students working towards their final dissertation.

    Interactive Counselling Skills - forging the therapeutic alliance

    • 12 hours CPD
    • 170.00 pounds sterling [concessions: NCHP-UK and NCHP-A students/graduates - 140.00 pounds sterling]
    • A practice oriented workshop aimed at enabling therapists to develop the counselling skills so essential to the development of a therapeutic climate. This workshop is particularly useful to those who have no previous counselling experience and is recommended to be taken prior to, or at an early stage of, training. The workshop is offered, at regular intervals, at NCHP training venues. Note: The NCHP supports the use of Recognition of Prior equivalent Learning (RPL). Therefore, students who have prior learning or experience in any of these areas (e.g.: successful completion of a counselling course; experience of working in a psychiatric environment study of research methodology as part of a psychology/social science degree) may apply for exemption from undertaking one or other of the elements.

    A preferential rate will apply if all supplementary training is purchased together. Please contact the office for details.

    How the on-line courses work:

    An on-line course such as these have many benefits:

    • It combines freedom to choose when and how to study, with an element of structure such that, however you are best motivated, the system will work for you
    • It avoids the costs of travel and accommodation (and room rental and expenses for us, hence your costs are kept down). This makes these courses particularly attractive for people from outside of the Brisbane-Gold Coast region who might want to become involved with NCHP-A training
    • It provides an opportunity for collaboratively learning, unlike traditional distance learning courses, which can be lonely undertakings.  We have found in similar situations that the element of separation from other students can encourage some individuals to open up more, and risk more in their interactions than may be the case face to face

    There are four distinct parts to these courses:

    • Weekly packages with the course content.  Ethics, psychopathology and research courses run for three weeks, Human Development and Sexuality runs for six weeks
    • Weekly chat-room session.   This is usually 1pm (UK time) on each Wednesday of the course, which, while not ideal for Australian residents, is not prohibitive (1pm in the UK varies between 10pm and midnight depending on the various daylight saving regimes in place from time to time). Should you be undertaking the on-line study as part of study for a formal qualification with NCHP-A, your input to the chat-room will be assessed, but this is CHAT and so there is no need to be formal
    • The forum. You will find, dotted through the course content, some topics to discuss with your fellow students and tutor(s) on the forum. Debate is welcomed, and as with the chat-room, formality is not required 
    • Written assessment (for those undertaking the courses as part of study for a formal NCHP-A qualification. You will find a link on each weekly page to the assessment page. We advise you start this early, and then problems can be discussed with your fellow students via the forum

    For further information on our on-line courses, contact us by email at 

    Continuing Professional Development Workshops and Seminars

    The NCHP-A agrees with the NCHP-UK that learning is an ongoing experience. Even when fully trained, therapists still need the opportunity to keep up-to-date with specialist approaches and developments in the profession. To this end, the NCHP-UK provides a regular programme of one and two day workshops and seminars on a variety of subjects and, where appropriate, distance learning courses. The workshops are run by specialist tutors. All current students and members of the NRHP are notified of forthcoming training events.

    Examples of past NCHP-UK training events are:

    • Dealing with Pain Control
    • Disorders of Sleep and Dreams
    • Eating Disorders
    • Ego State Short Term Therapy
    • The Unconscious Mind (Ericksonian therapy)
    • Gut Directed Therapy (for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, etc.) 

    NCHP-A intends to present a series of training events for continuing education purposes. Details will be provided on the NCHP-A website from time to time.

    Distance learning courses in Ethics, Human Development and Sexuality, Psychopathology, Research for Therapists in Practice (see above under UKCP Modules) and Certificate and Diploma courses in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Psychotherapy are now offered via the NCHP-UK, and will be offered by NCHP-A after our launch and establishment phase is successfully completed.

    An interactive Counselling Skills and Communication weekend is offered by NCHP-UK on a regular basis at all venues, as part of the supplementary training required by UKCP for registration on the National Register of Psychotherapists. The weekend is also a very productive way of fulfilling CPD requirements and improving counselling skills, and will eventually be offered in Australia as well.

    Dr Richard Bandler and the international society for NLP licensed and accredited courses will be offered from time to time. These courses will be personally delivered by the Principal of NCHP-A, Alan Patching.

    Specifically these will be the NLP Practitioner Course and the Master NLP Practitioner Course. Certificates for successful students will be personally signed by co-founder of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler.