When you can train with us

Training dates

The NCHP-A launched on the Gold Coast in May 2010, bring to Australasia for the first time, a tradition of excellence in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy training stretching back over three decades.

We have decided not to begin our operations with set dates but rather to receive feedback to courses information and to await information regarding preferred weekends for training (or days for block training) from our potential students.

The reason for this is we've received advice from senior members of various professional institutions that there is a strong likelihood initial demand might not be for 'ab initio' courses but rather for courses that help people move from Associate and Intern levels to Professional clinical levels of membership within the professional institutes.

Having said that, we will be setting dates for first courses in the near future and they will be posted on this page once decided.  If you would like us to keep you informed of course dates as they are set, please email us at info@hypno-psychotherapy.com.au, or get in touch via our 'contacts' page.